Like winning? Like achievements, badges, rankings, rewards, and of course: free stuff?

Each month we will be holding competitions to see who's earned the most badges or certain badges to earn chances to win free merch, bottles, event access, tickets, recognition and much much more.


Bronze is getting off the starting line.


Join us and become a renegade.

Come Out and Play

Sign up for your first event.


Share something for the first time.

Picture Me This

Grace your profile with an avatar.

Oo, Pretty

Spruce up your profile with a cover image.

Um, Hello?

Add a social network to profile.


Like your first post or activity.

What's This?!

Check out the site. See 10 Pages = This badge is yours..

Media Magician

Upload or post an image on your wall or photo album.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Add an introduction (Intro) to your profile.

A Little About Me..

Profile up to 25% Complete.


Silver rank badges are a little harder to earn, but earn more points.


Share five (5) articles or events on Twitter or Facebook.


Sign up for three events.


Check out fifty (50) articles, events, or profiles.

Tell Me Something..

Profile up to 50% Complete.

Can I Bring A Friend?

Having fun with friends is the best!


Add a second social account.


Gold rank badges earn some real points. They're a little harder but def worth the reward.

Ya Heard?

Share twenty-five (25) articles or events on Twitter or Facebook.

Party Machine

Sign up to hit the town for seven (7) events.


Check out one hundred (100) articles, events, or profiles.


Profile up to 75% Complete.

Can I Bring A Couple Friends?

The more, the merrier!

Hear Me Roar

Added three social accounts like a boss.


Platinum; The top tier. Completing badges of this tier earn you the most points and the best chances at rewards.

It's 50!

Share fifty (50) articles or events.

Party Animal

Rock out at fifteen (15) events.

The Usual

Check out 250 articles, events, or profiles.

Feeling Complete

Profile is complete!

Check This Out

Add five (5) or more photos to your profile.


Add three (3) or more social accounts to your profile.